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Visit our phone 和 e-mail directories for 教师 & 工作人员 和 学生. 的y include mailing information for individuals 和 departments.

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的 招生网页 has extensive information about UCSB 和 general application requirements; you may send questions to them from their website.

Each of UCSB的 five schools offer 研究生 和/or under研究生 majors, degrees 和 credentials. 的se are all listed on our 专业、学位 & 凭据网页.

的 Admissions Office has information for 大一新生 和 转移 申请人.

的 研究生部网站 has information on all of the 研究生 programs 和 admissions requirements, in addition to on-line publications 和 an on-line application.

的 残疾学生计划 provides assistance with physical 和 academic accommodations to 学生 with disabilities.

UCSB的 暑期课程网站 describes more than 320 courses in 40 departments.

的 财政援助网站 provides information on grants, loans, Federal Work Study, Veteran's Benefits, 和 more.

的 校历 lists all key academic dates 和 deadlines.

Newly admitted 学生 can review the 入学步骤 web page for details on things to consider before 和 after you decide to enroll at UCSB.

的 学生事务网站 lists over 500 student clubs 和 organizations.

的 UCSB书店 at the UCen has a plethora of Gaucho souvenirs.


的 访客中心网站 有365wm完美体育官网登录 campus tours 和 presentations,以及…… a list of local hotels 和 motels. In addition to off-campus lodging options, you can also consider 俱乐部 & 宾馆, conveniently located in the heart of campus with lagoon 和 ocean views. 俱乐部 & 宾馆 offers 34 stylish guest rooms with daily complimentary breakfast, fine-dining luncheon service Monday-Friday, state-of-the-art gathering spaces 和 an outdoor terrace available for special occasions. 

是的. Information about our open house events for future 学生, including 转移 学生, 可以在我们的 招生网站.

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的 校园日历 lets you view campus events by day, week, or month. It also can search for specific events or types of activities for you. 此外, 高亮显示事件页面 spotlights prominent events, 和 includes links to many department calendars with information on concerts, 表演, 讲座, 体育活动, 电影, 展览, 研讨会, 和会议.

的 毕业典礼上网站 maintained by Event Management & Protocol has all key dates, times, 和 helpful phone numbers.